Two years ago, leaders from all backgrounds discussed the future of education in North Dakota. Focused on evolving student needs and a changing workforce, participants envisioned education in 2030. Notes, presentations and documents found here provide a foundation for the Envision working groups as they work toward implementing short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals articulated from Envision 2030.

Continuing the Envision 2030 discussions

The North Dakota University System scheduled 10 “Pillar” events that continued the discussions started in 2016 at the initial Envision 2030 education summit.

The events took place throughout the state from Sept.-Nov. of 2016. That May the initial Envision 2030 breakout sessions allowed stakeholders from the academic, business and legislative communities to discuss and set short-term, mid-term and long-term goals for higher education in North Dakota. The Pillar events continued those discussions with further input from expanded groups of stakeholders on how to best reach those goals.

Chancellor Mark Hagerott said the events helped shape the future of higher education in the state.

“We were excited to begin this next series of discussions with input from lawmakers, business and industry representatives, staff, faculty, and of course, students,” Hagerott said. “We’ve come together to set the goals, now we’ll figure out how we can best reach them.”

Throughout 2017, the 10 Advisory Teams worked to create extensive reports that provided real-world context and viable goals to strive for on each Pillar.

Most recently, two summits helped cement more feedback into the official documentation and recommendations. These summits, organized respectively by the North Dakota Student Association, and the Council of College Faculty and North Dakota State Staff Senate, provided essential details and context for how the SBHE and NDUS can move forward through its next phases. More details and the corresponding report will be published here soon.

10 Teams

Drawing from campuses, business and industry and with legislative input, system office formed 10 Advisory Teams – one for each topic, including that of Law which had been added in November. These teams drafted reports providing contextualized pathways forward on how the university system can move toward each Pillar’s goals. Individual reports can be downloaded below.

[Note: Reports on Diversity and Health Care are expected later this summer. Previous notes can be accessed at their respective buttons below.]

Video Recap:

The Envision Papers

North Dakota University System staff reported out on integrating the goals of Envision 2030 with six Cabinet Studies and the State Board of Higher Education’s strategic plan. Those documents can be found at right.